Being first and foremost a family photographer, I came to wedding photography late, but I realized that this was the continuity of the work i was doing with families.  


Spontaneity, encounters, emotions, beauty, simplicity ... the perfect ingredients come together to make beautiful images.

My way of working is close to pure reporting in every way, I will remain very discreet all day and will give some tips to the couple only in couple photos. Your wedding is a story, and it's up to me to tell it through my images.


That's why I'll be with you for the entire day (preparations until the evening), and I do not set any limit in the quantity of photos delivered. So I hope soon to have news of future bride and groom who will recognize through my images ...

My package

- full day coverage from the bride and groom prep to the reception and the cutting of the cake (maximum of 10 hours including travel time) 

- all edited images and in high definition delivered on usb key (unlimited number of photos - generally 500+)

- online gallery to share the photos with friends and family


- delivery of digital files in high resolution between 3 to 5 weeks

 AU$ 1600


Engagement photo shoot

An additional day of shooting will be devoted to you if you wish, for example, to realize your photos of couple before the wedding

AU$ 290



- Is this your real job?

Yes …


- What are your prices?

My package is at $1300. All additional information is above..


- Until what time do you stay?

I am present from the bride and groom prep to the reception. It's a full day coverage up to 10 hours. (including travel time)


- Do you send a limited number of photos?

There is no limit in the number of photos delivered (usually around 500 images). 


- On which media are the photos delivered?

On a USB key, in high definition. 

You can also ask the prices for your personalized photo album.


- Are your photos all edited?

Yes, absolutely all. But beware, never rough editing or funny effects...


- What is the ideal time slot for the couple photos?

Ideally, at the end of the day, when the light is softer ...but we can always find shady spots if the sun is very strong.

- They foresee a cloudy day on our wedding day, pity the photos will be less pretty ... no?  

Think again, a sky loaded with beautiful gray clouds often gives a beautiful result,

That said, I do not wish you a big shower anyway!


- Are the photos available on a private gallery?

Yes, you will be able to share this gallery with friends and family. 

- Do you take family group photos?

Of course. If you ask me. But not forty groups either!


- My uncle is passionate about photography, can he take photos during the wedding?

No problem, from the moment it does not bother me while I work.


- How far can you go?

How far will you ask me to go, even on the other side of the world! Travel expenses will be extra from the moment the wedding takes place outside Perth metro area. 


- When and how will we receive our photos?

The package is delivered by hand or sent by post. You will receive them between a month and a month and a half after the date of your wedding. Your story will be published on my blog only after you have discovered your photos. 


- How can I book your services?  

Contact me via my website contact info or send me an email at .

We can also meet somewhere in a cafe. 

 And once sure that my way of working will match you, then a deposit of 30% will be paid and a contract will have to be signed.